About us


TVG was born out of a desire to make a difference to the Animal Health landscape by an extremely experienced management team with over 60 years of combined expertise in the region across multiple species. Through innovation, education, trust and perseverance we are passionate about driving change and delivering excellence in the Animal Health industry.


We prioritize the needs of our Customers, People and Suppliers above all else, through open and honest communication to maintain a healthy balance to meet and exceed their expectations. From this flows the success of the overall business and builds enduring value for the Animal Health Industry in our chosen markets.


We view our customers and suppliers as integral business partners, fostering collaboration to achieve shared success. Recognizing that success is cultivated through cross-organizational teamwork, we emphasize the importance of working together to ensure common success. United by a spirit of empowerment, trust, and belief in both ourselves and our team, we understand that collective effort is key. Together, we can accomplish anything.

We uphold integrity and fairness, treating everyone with respect in our business. Our commitment to honesty and openness is embedded at all organizational levels.

Committed to a sustainable future, we approach animal health ethically. Our focus spans four key areas: Community - giving back to localities; Business - offering sustainable products and support to veterinarians; People - fostering a great and safe workplace; and Environment - minimizing our ecological footprint. These pillars encapsulate our dedication to responsible practices.

We see our customers and suppliers as essential business partners, collaborating for mutual success. Recognizing that success stems from cross-organizational teamwork, we work together to achieve optimal results.

We dedicate ourselves to performing at our best in all endeavors, relentlessly pursuing continuous improvement in our quest for excellence.

We are purpose-driven, achieving robust results with our energetic and resilient approach. Our ambitions drive us to deliver the utmost quality and service to both our customers and team members, embodying the value of perseverance—never giving up on what we believe in.

Services and Products

• Identification - Microchipping and Tagging, Traceability projects to enhance national food safety

• Pharmaceuticals - World-class solutions in managing the supply chain of pharma and vaccines

• Education / CPD - Delivering quality educational events

• Supplements - Nutrition and health

• Feed – Market-leading equine nutrition and performance product