Dechra Cardisure resources (💙 Heart Failure)


Cardisure dosage chart developed to help illustrate the cost effectiveness of treating with Cardisure and therefore makes the treatment more affordable. 

VHS PosterThis poster details the VHS (Vertebral Heart Size) and VLAS (Vertebral Left Atrial Size) calculation methods in dogs, including measurement techniques and clinical significance for diagnosing heart conditions.

Guide to ausculatation of the mitral patientThe booklet covers topics such as cardiac auscultation in patients with mitral insufficiency, cardiac auscultation in dogs, heart sounds in healthy dogs, evaluation and diagnosis of mitral patients, rate, arrhythmia, and murmurs.

Owner guide leaflet  - produced in collaboration with Consultant Veterinary Cardiologist Mike Martin, this owner guide incorporates a background on heart failure and the aims of treatment with home monitoring resources to educate owners on the role they play in the success of their dog’s treatment.


Training Material presented by Dr Felicity Barber May 2024 

💙 Heart Failure: Breaking It Down Piece by Piece: This session addressed the ACVIM (American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine) staging of heart disease, treatment goals for animals in heart failure, and the evidence-based use of pimobendan in animals with congestive heart failure.

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