Dechra Vetoryl Resources (🐕 Canine Cushing's Disease)

Quality-of-life Questionnaire developed with the Royal Veterinary College, this validated questionnaire assesses quality- of-life for both the pet and the owner and is designed to be used within monitoring consultations. It is also named as “CushQoL-Pet”. It is recommended that vets complete this with the owner at least every three months to facilitate communication and track the improvement in quality-of-life for both the pet and as a result the owner. Looking at the clinical picture will help decide the next steps of the disease management.

Monitoring PVC Flowchart -  monitoring guide of a Cushing’s patient. 

Owner logbook 

Tolerability sheet 

Presentation (Dr Felicity) 

🐕 Canine Cushing's Disease: This lecture covered the clinical signs and diagnosis of Cushing's Disease in dogs, along with guidance on Vetoryl treatment, complications, and effective owner communication.

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