EQUINE AMERICA UK Now Available in the UAE through The Veterinary Group

EQUINE AMERICA UK Now Available in the UAE through The Veterinary Group

Horse owners in the UAE can now provide top-quality care for their horses, thanks to the arrival of EQUINE AMERICA UK products, available for ordering through The Veterinary Group.

Equine America UK is a world-renowned leader in equine performance and wellbeing supplements, and a family-owned business founded in 1997 by Phil and Julie Middleton. Today, the company is managed by their son, Lee, who continues to uphold the company's commitment to providing premium, science-based supplements and care products. 

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The brand's products are the result of a combination of traditional knowledge and cutting-edge scientific research. They offer a range of targeted nutritional supplements and external products that aim to support horses' optimum health and performance. EQUINE AMERICA's product line includes the original Cortaflex®, various feed supplements, and external applications, each designed to promote horses' wellbeing. The company meticulously sources its ingredients from approved suppliers, subjecting them to rigorous quality testing to guarantee their consistency and purity.

EQUINE AMERICA UK products comply with the regulations of the UK Veterinary Medicines Directorate and the Food Standards Agency. The brand is also a member of the UFAS* scheme and prioritizes Clean Sport, taking measures to prevent contamination by harmful substances. Customers can trust the high level of certification and quality control throughout the manufacturing process, ensuring that products do not contain any prohibited substances.

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"We are delighted to offer EQUINE AMERICA UK products to our customers. Our goal is to deliver the best possible experience and outcomes for all stakeholders, and with the addition of Equine America UK to the premium brands we distribute, such as Troy Animal Healthcare, Saracen Horse Feeds, and Dechra Pharmaceuticals, we can ensure that our customers have access to the highest quality products available," says Steven Wright, CEO of The Veterinary Group.

Enhance your horse's wellbeing with EQUINE AMERICA UK's renowned products, now available through The Veterinary Group. or your nearest Tack shop. 

Order now and witness the positive impact for yourself.